Lachlan Long Term Water Plan consultation

Public consultation for the draft Lachlan Long Term Water Plan closed on 1 February 2019.

The draft plan acknowledges the way people use and depend on local rivers and wetlands.

It recognises the important ecological values of the region and identifies the strategies for water use that will allow this system to survive and thrive into the future.
Strategic use of water is the key to achieving outcomes for:

  • native fish
  • waterbirds
  • plants.

The draft plan identifies strategies to support important river system processes that:

  • connect rivers and wetlands
  • support the ecosystem in rivers and wetlands
  • allow water-dependent animals (like fish) to move throughout the river system.

The health of the river system is directly related to the ongoing viability of the region.

This plan sets out a series of 5-, 10- and 20-year objectives to maintain and enhance the health of local rivers and wetlands. A summary of the Lachlan Long Term Water Plan is available in The Lachlan catchment and Long Term Water Plan explained (PDF 3.9MB).

Long Term Water Plans focus on achieving environmental outcomes using a share of water set aside in rivers and dams, along with water set aside for other water flows, to support local rivers and wetlands. At the same time, Department of Industry Water has developed a Water Resource Plan which address water sharing arrangements for all water users within the catchment.