Alyce Fisher

Alyce Fisher is the executive director of Murray Arts, and lives in Albury on the NSW/Victorian border. For Alyce, time spent by the river is relaxing and therapeutic – an opportunity to de-stress and re-centre.

Alyce FisherThe importance of water . . .

Water is vital for overall wellbeing and it’s a source of life! Water is my main drink and I am never without a water bottle.

I also adore swimming, love showers and you need water every day - from cooking and cleaning to tending plants.

Where do you go to get away from it all?

I love to walk along the river, preferably the Murray River.

How often do you go there?

It depends on where I am living. At the moment, my office is right on the Murray and I try to have lunch at least once a week on the banks of the Murray.

If I am in Albury over the weekends, I try to go for a walk along the river or the Hume.

What do you like to do there?

Swimming, bush walking, horse-riding and picnics.

How do you feel when you are there?

When I’m near the water, I feel calm, relaxed and connected to nature. There is something so soothing about just sitting and watching the river flow while listening to the birds and insects.

Why is water an important part of your relaxation?

I adore swimming and find it so relaxing and therapeutic. When life gets overwhelming and stressful, I seek water time to de-stress and centre myself again.

Happiest memories?

When I was growing up we were very close to the Murray – around Strathmerton, Ulupna Island and Carter’s Beach. In the summer, it was such a treat to get fish and chips from town and head down to the river for a swim and a family meal.

We also used to love taking our horses down to the river, riding them around the bush and then taking them for a swim. My pony, Dolly, loved getting down onto the beach and rolling in the sand before going for a dip in the lovely, cool river.

I have always found the Murray River for be a cool and calm place for reflection and relaxation.

Finish this sentence

The biggest fish I ever caught . . .

It’s ironic, with the last name ‘Fisher’, that I am shocking at fishing. My dad is good at getting his fishing rods stolen when he takes them on family holidays and he hopes the people who take them have better luck than he ever had.

I remember catching a carp once, with my cousins and Aunty. We gutted it and found fish eggs inside, which was exciting.

It was a sad time but I felt better when . . .

When I found out my dad had Alzheimer’s, I went and sat by the river to process the news and put things into perspective.

It’s like another world when I go to . . .

When I go to Carter’s Beach in the summer holidays, there are so many campers. I much prefer to go when things are a bit calmer.

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