Tell your story

Water is essential to life, but it is so much more than that. Here is a collection of stories, written by local women about their connections to rivers, wetlands and the natural environment.

For some, the river is a central character in stories of childhood adventure and coming of age.

For others, the water flowing in our rivers is a practical necessity – something to drink, wash in and feed a crop.

For others still, rivers and wetlands are a magnet for wildlife and a place of unequalled beauty.

But all our participants agree – rivers and wetlands are a place where they can relax, reflect and re-focus.

While the reasons for valuing local rivers and wetlands vary, these women share a common desire to ensure others have the same opportunities to experience the joy of local rivers and wetlands.

Share your story

You might see your own values and connections reflected in these stories and be encouraged to share your story too.

You can register your interest in taking part by emailing Natasha Childs, DPE–EES.