Environmental issues

Water quality

5. Managing data systems - Data management and reporting

Data produced by water monitoring programs in NSW are currently available in a range of forms: some via agency websites, and others by request (and at times, at a cost).
The development of a whole-of-government approach to water monitoring should result in water monitoring data being available to the public as soon as possible after collection and verification.  The preferred option is that data be made available electronically, preferably via a single internet site that will allow downloading of the selected data. 

The Natural Resource Information Management Strategy (NRIMS) will set the framework for facilitating this through its Community Access to Natural Resource Information (CANRI) project (www.canri.nsw.gov.au). This is a four-year collaborative program that has several years to run before this service is fully implemented. It is intended that data collected through the Interim Approach, as well as monitoring data that are made available in the future, will be accessible through CANRI where possible. However, until CANRI is fully operational this may not be achievable but a number of alternative provisions for making data available through electronic download are being investigated. Community access to data will improve as new databases become available, such as a NSW aquatic biota database. 

In the interim, data are to be made available to the public through agency websites and on request.  The ongoing management of these issues will continue to be addressed through NRIMS.

Page last updated: 26 February 2011