About us

About us

Compliance Culture Statement

This statement presents the values and principles we uphold to administer the laws we are responsible for.

The Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) works with the community to care for and protect the environment and heritage of New South Wales.
To do this we administer a range of legislation:

  • the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 (the BC Act)
  • Part 5A of the Local Land Services Act 2013 (the LLS Act)
  • the Native Vegetation Act 2003
  • parts of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974.

When we need to investigate non-compliance with this legislation, our staff strive to uphold the values and principles outlined in this Compliance Culture Statement.

Our values and conduct

When performing their duties, our staff uphold the NSW Public Sector core values of integrity, trust, service and accountability. Our behaviour and actions will also align with our Code of Ethics and Conduct and our Compliance Policy.

We help people comply

We recognise community diversity, and acknowledge the breadth of expertise, experience and values amongst the people with whom we work.
In working with the community, we respect people’s circumstances and seek to understand community perceptions of conservation values. We will work with the community, and provide information and education where required to encourage the conservation and protection of our environment and heritage.

A focus on conservation outcomes

We follow a graduated approach to compliance and enforcement to ensure protection of environment and heritage in New South Wales. Our officers deliver compliance actions and regulatory responses that are appropriate and proportionate to the level of harm done to environment and heritage values.
We also publicise important regulatory outcomes that demonstrate our commitment to conserving environment and heritage values and to deter offences within the community.

Firm and fair regulation

We enforce the laws we administer in a professional, consistent and fair manner. We ensure that compliance decisions are transparent and evidence-based. We regularly evaluate and review compliance and enforcement policies and approaches to achieve these aims. 

Anthony Lean
Chief Executive

September 2018

Page last updated: 10 September 2018