DEC Annual Report 2005-06

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About this publication

DEC's Annual Report 2005-06 provides information to Parliament and the public about our activities, performance and finances, as required by the Annual Reports (Departments) Act 1985 and the Public Finance and Audit Act 1983.

You can read the overview or follow the links to download the DEC 2005-06 Annual Report.

DEC Annual Report 2005-06

(all files are in pdf format and require acrobat reader)

Download the full report DECannrep06548.pdf (4506 kb)

Download the report in sections:

Overview DECannrep06548overview.pdf (542 kb)

  • Our vision, roles, approaches and values
  • Director General's Review
  • EPA Board
  • About DEC
  • Executive and organisational structure
  • Performance summary
  • Financial summary
Protecting ecological and human health DECannrep06548chapter2.pdf (1089 kb)
  • A healthier and cleaner environment
  • Improving community wellbeing
Conserving natural and cultural values across the landscape DECannrep06548chapter3.pdf (1549 kb)
  • Protecting and restoring biodiversity
  • Protecting Aboriginal cultural heritage
  • Managing and improving the reserve system
  • Sustainable public use of reserve system
Sustainable consumption, production, resource use and waste management DECannrep06548chapters4and5.pdf (799 kb)
  • Sustainability reflected in government and business decisions and operations
  • Improving resource conservation
A credible, efficient and effective organisation (see previous pdf)
  • One integrated DEC

Finance DECannrep06548finance.pdf (1220 kb)

  • Department of Environment and Conservation
  • Environment Protection Authority
  • Stormwater Trust

Appendices DECannrep06548appendices.pdf (505 kb)

  • Statement of responsibility
  • Performance of senior staff
  • Principal officers
  • EPA Board members' curricula vitae
  • Significant statutory bodies and advisory committees
  • Staff statistics
  • Legislation and legal changes
  • Infringements and prosecutions
  • DEC-managed lands at 30 June 2006
  • Statement of affairs
  • Freedom of information applications
  • Information Centre and Environment Line statistics
  • Publications
  • Papers published
  • Overseas visits by staff

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