Department of Environment Climate Change and Water annual report 2009-10

For more information on DECCW's strategic direction, see the Corporate Plan 2010 update 

DECCW's annual report 2009-10 informs Parliament and the public about our activities, performance and finances, as required by the Annual Reports (Departments) Act 1985 and the Public Finance and Audit Act 1983.

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Download the report in sections:

1 Overview deccwar0910sec1_10900.pdf 1.46MB; tagged pdf deccwar0910taggedsec1_10900.pdf 1.55MB; rtf file deccwar0910sec1_10900.rtf 4.49MB

  • Letter to the Minister
  • Director General's review
  • EPA Board
  • About DECCW
  • Executive and organisational structure 
  • Performance summary 2009-10
  • Financial summary

2 Climate change and its impacts are minimised to protect the environment, the economy and community wellbeing deccwar0910sec2_10900.pdf 935KB; tagged pdf deccwar0910sec2tagged_10900.pdf 1.65MB; rtf file deccwar0910sec2_10900.rtf 2.17MB

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Encourage the NSW community to adapt to climate change
  • Minimise and manage potential increased risks to life, property and the environment
  • Support individuals, families, communities, businesses and government to adopt sustainable practices

3 A healthier and cleaner environment protecting both ecological and human health deccwar0910sec3_10900.pdf 1.1MB; tagged pdf deccwar0910sec3tagged_10900.pdf 1.23MB; rtf file deccwar0910sec3_10900.rtf 6.61MB

  • Prevent, reduce or mitigate pollution and other adverse environmental impacts
  • Remediate or restore degraded environments
  • Improve community wellbeing
  • Eliminate unnecessary regulation

4 Integrated landscape management for long-term ecological, social and economic sustainability deccwar0910sec4_10900.pdf 1.95MB; tagged pdf deccwar0910sec4tagged_10900.pdf 2.5MB; rtf file deccwar0910sec4_10900.rtf 5.37MB

  • Improve the condition of natural resources
  • Protect and restore biodiversity and native vegetation
  • Contribute to sustainable visitation and tourism, community wellbeing and regional development through parks and reserves
  • Conserve natural and cultural values through an integrated system of public and private lands
  • Protect and revitalise Aboriginal culture and heritage
  • Increase Aboriginal participation in land, water and natural resource management

5 Secure and sustainable supplies of water, and water is used more wisely deccwar0910sec5_10900.pdf 863KB; tagged pdf deccwar0910sec5tagged_10900.pdf 1.03MB; rtf file deccwar0910sec5_10900.rtf 2.75MB

  • Balancing the water needs of farmers, towns, industries and the environment
  • Ensuring urban water and sewerage services are well managed, efficient and equitable

6 A credible, efficient and effective organisation deccwar0910sec6_10900.pdf 953KB; tagged pdf deccwar0910sec6tagged_10900.pdf 1.16MB; rtf file deccwar0910sec6_10900.rtf 3.57MB

  • Corporate governance
  • A leader in sustainability and environmental performance
  • External connections and customer satisfaction with DECCW services
  • Healthy staff and productive workplaces
  • Good knowledge, information and systems to make decisions

Financials deccwar0910financials_10900.pdf 2.06MB; tagged pdf deccwar0910financetagged_10900.pdf 1.71MB; rtf file deccwar0910finance_10900.rtf 4.06MB

  • Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water 
  • Environment Protection Authority
  • Marine Parks Authority
  • Office of the Hawkesbury-Nepean

Appendices deccwar0910appsindexes_10900.pdf 737KB; tagged pdf deccwar0910appendicestagged_10900.pdf 1.35MB; rtf file deccwar0910appendices_10900.rtf 3.15MB

  • Statement of responsibility
    1. Performance of senior staff
    2. Principal officers
    3. EPA Board members' curricula vitae
    4. Significant statutory bodies and advisory committees
    5. Staff statistics
    6. Legislation and legal changes
    7. Infringements and prosecutions
    8. DECCW-managed lands and waters
    9. Statement of affairs
    10. Freedom of information applications
    11. Information Centre and Environment Line statistics
    12. Publications
    13. Papers published and presented 
    14. Overseas visits by staff
    15. Consultancies
    16. Grants to community organisations
    17. Major works
    18. Major assets


  • Compliance index
  • Index

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