Environment Protection Authority

Notice to amend Declaration of Significantly Contaminated Land and Management Order

(Section 44 of the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997)

Notice Number 20204418; Area Number 3221


The land to which this notice applies, together with other lands, was declared as significantly contaminated land (Declaration No. 21122) and has been the subject of a Management Order (Order No. 20151402, as amended by Notice Nos. 20164404, 20184403, 20194418 and 20194430) issued by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). 

The Management Order directed the recipient of the order, Barangaroo Delivery Authority/Infrastructure NSW, to carry out contamination management.  The Management Order has been completed and the results have been made available to the EPA.

Land to which this notice applies



That part of Hickson Road (shown in the figure below) that is located adjacent to:

·        30 to 34 Hickson Road

·        36 Hickson Road; and

·        38 Hickson Road.


Hickson Road, Millers Point NSW





Figure 1: Hickson Road Land subject to Notice


Having reviewed the results of the management, the EPA is satisfied that it no longer has reason to believe that contamination of the land to which this notice applies is significant enough to warrant regulation under the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997 (CLM Act).

Pursuant to section 44 of the CLM Act, Declaration of Significantly Contaminated Land No. 21122, dated 6 May 2009, and Management Order No. 20151402, dated 16 December 2015, cease to be in force on the date on which this notice is signed.




Director Regulatory Operations – Metropolitan South

Environment Protection Authority


18 June 2020


Information recorded by the EPA

Section 58 of the CLM Act requires the EPA to maintain a public record.  A copy of this notice will be included in the public record.

Information recorded by councils

Section 59 of the CLM Act requires the EPA to give a copy of this notice to the relevant local council.  The council may then make appropriate consequential modifications to the planning certificate issued in relation to the land to which this notice applies pursuant to s10.7 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979

Relationship to other regulatory instruments

This repeal notice does not affect the provisions of any relevant environmental planning instruments which apply to the land or provisions of any other environmental protection legislation administered by the EPA.


Previous regulatory instrument

As of 1 July 2009, all current declarations of investigation area and declarations of remediation site are taken to be declarations of significantly contaminated land, all current investigation orders and remediation orders are taken to be management orders and all current agreed voluntary investigation proposals and agreed voluntary remediation proposals are taken to be approved voluntary management proposals.