What clearing can I do without approval?

Permitted clearing and activities, routine agricultural management activities and exclusions

Clearing native vegetation does not require approval in certain specific circumstances.

Under the Native Vegetation Act 2003 (the Act) clearing can be undertaken without a PVP for:

  1. any regrowth that is not protected regrowth
  2. certain groundcover, when less than 50% comprises live indigenous species, and 10% or more of the area has some form of vegetative cover whether dead or alive and these percentages are calculated according to clause 62 of the Native Vegetation Regulation 2013
  3. routine agricultural management activities (RAMAs) - RAMAs relate to a wide range of day-to-day rural and non-rural activities that are specified in the Act and the Regulation
  4. continuation of an existing cultivation, grazing or rotational farm practice as long as it does not involve the clearing of remnant native vegetation, and in the Western Division, the clearing of river red gum, belah and white cypress pine taller than three metres.
  5. sustainable grazing not likely to result in the substantial long-term decline in the structure and composition of native vegetation
  6. clearing listed in section 25 of the Act does not require approval because it is authorised or permitted under other legislation
  7. clearing on land that is excluded from the operation of the Act, such as land in the Sydney metropolitan and Newcastle urban areas also does not require approval.

Landholders are advised to keep supporting documentation for any clearing that does not require approval.

Page last updated: 26 August 2014