NSW BioNet

The gateway to NSW biodiversity information.

NSW BioNet is the repository for biodiversity data products managed by the Department of Planning and Environment (the Department).

BioNet aims to improve biodiversity outcomes by enabling the community and government to proactively manage and enhance biodiversity in New South Wales through comprehensive, credible and robust data and information.  

About BioNet

BioNet is made up of a number of data collections. These collections are mostly contained within two core applications:

Biodiversity information can also be accessed using:

BioNet Atlas

The BioNet Atlas application includes these data collections:

  • Species Sightings
  • BioNet Systematic Flora and Fauna Data Collection
  • Threatened Biodiversity Profiles
  • Species Names.

You can submit your own sightings and survey records to BioNet Atlas. Learn more about contributing.

Access BioNet Atlas

There are a number of ways to access data held in BioNet Atlas. The application has basic and login access. The data can also be accessed through BioNet Web Services (basic and login) and the SEED portal.

Basic access

Search without logging in:

Login access


  • Registered user external link access - to access additional system functionality, upload spreadsheets of species sightings and systematic survey data and use the data analysis function.


  • Sensitive Species Data Licence- to access more detailed sensitive threatened species location information than is available to basic and registered users. Licence conditions apply.

Apply for a licence

Note that BioNet Atlas data is made available in line with the requirements of the Department's Sensitive Species Data Policy

BioNet Vegetation Classification application

The BioNet Vegetation Classification application includes these data collections.

  • Vegetation Classification, including:
  • Plant Community Type (PCT) Classification
  • Vegetation Classes and Formations
  • PCT % Clearing data
  • PCT Threatened Biodiversity associations
  • Vegetation Condition Benchmarks
  • NSW Landscapes.

Access BioNet Vegetation Classification

Anyone can register online as a public user to search the database, produce reports and export data. 

Register and Log in

For more information visit About BioNet Vegetation Classification

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