Licences for working or living with threatened species

You need a licence to study, harm or pick a threatened native plant or animal.

The Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 prohibits actions that affect threatened species and their habitats, except for three activities for which you need a type of biodiversity conservation licence. The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water issues licences for these activities.

They are:

  • a scientific licence – for research, education and conservation
  • a threatened species licence – to harm or pick a threatened plant or animal, ecological community, or to damage habitat
  • a licence to harm flying foxes – to harm species of flying foxes that cause damage to property.

To apply for a licence to keep native animals as pets, move native animals across state borders, or commercially trade native animals and plants, see wildlife licences.

To apply for licences for threatened fish and marine vegetation, visit the Department of Primary Industries.