Native vegetation regulation review facilitator

In November 2012, the Government appointed Mr Joe Lane as an independent facilitator to progress the review of the Native Vegetation Regulation 2005, and recommend changes to the Regultion and ways to improve service delivery.

The terms of reference for the independent facilitator are to:

  1. facilitate discussion between key stakeholder groups, relevant agencies, catchment management authorities and the Natural Resources Commission to identify the issues that require consideration in developing a new regulatory framework
  2. consider stakeholder and community submissions received during the consultation process
  3. examine interstate systems (including any proposed changes to those systems) to ensure relevant best practice approaches are incorporated into NSW legislation
  4. recommend changes to the Native Vegetation Regulation 2005 and necessary implementation measures including ways to improve service delivery
  5. any other matters that the Facilitator considers should be included in advice back to Government.

The Private Native Forestry (PNF) provisions were not part of Mr Lane's review. Visit the Private Native Forestry page for further information.

Final Report to the Review of the Native Vegetation Regulation

The final report (NVFacilitatorRpt.pdf, 118KB) of the independent facilitator is now available.  

In preparing his final report, Mr Lane reviewed all submissions made during the public exhibition period and consulted with stakeholders to develop his recommendations.

The report identifies a number of priorities for reform through 40 recommendations for Government action. The NSW Government will implement all 40 of the recommendations made by Mr Lane. Priority is being given to making the Regulation by 1 September 2013. Further information about timing can be seen here.

Key recommendations include:

  1. amending the Regulation to allow farmers to clear isolated paddock trees in areas previously cleared for permanent or rotational cropping, manage invasive native species, and thin native vegetation using self assessable codes
  2. amending the Regulation to allow certain grass species to be listed and managed as feral native species, which will assist farmers to sustainably manage their native pastures
  3. amending the Regulation to make it easier for catchment management authorities to change the regrowth date, allowing farmers to continue existing rotational farming practices
  4. amending the Regulation to allow local councils to carry out land management activities without approval
  5. reviewing the Environmental Outcomes Assessment Methodology (EOAM) to create faster and simpler assessment of property vegetation plans
  6. developing a service level agreement between the Office of Environment and Heritage and catchment management authorities (soon to be Local Land Services) to ensure more timely responses to inquiries for advice and determination of property vegetation plans.
Page last updated: 19 June 2013