Community and stakeholder engagement

National Parks and Wildlife Service engages the community and stakeholders at a state and local level.

Community engagement leads to better decisions for our national parks and reserves. We seek to understand the various interests, values, needs and perspectives of the people our decisions affect, and use this knowledge to improve our plans and policies.

We engage with community through public consultation, digital engagement, local meetings and through representative groups.

These public consultations provide opportunities for community input into:

  • formal plans of management and reviews of environmental factors
  • local park issues including management of pests, fire, Aboriginal joint management, and recreational activities
  • policy development covering a variety of issues such as accessibility, cycling and access
  • master plans and concept designs for new visitor precincts and amenities.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service also has statutory advisory bodies which represent the community and key stakeholders and advise the Minister for Environment and Heritage.

Participatory decision-making creates a culture of shared responsibility and encourages people to protect and conserve the environment and cultural heritage of New South Wales.