Who we are

The Environment and Heritage Group is part of the Department of Planning and Environment.

Our vision is for a thriving, sustainable and resilient New South Wales.

Environment and Heritage works with communities, businesses and governments to protect, preserve and strengthen the quality of our natural environment and heritage. We do this through active stewardship that supports a healthy New South Wales.

We are committed to creating thriving environments, communities and economies that benefit the people of New South Wales.

What we do

Environment and Heritage is responsible for delivering the state outcome 'connecting communities to resilient and sustainable environments and heritage'. We deliver this by collaborating across a range of functions, including national park management; biodiversity, conservation and science; and heritage conservation.

Our structure

The Acting Environment and Heritage Coordinator-General, Atticus Fleming, is a member of the department's leadership team.

The Environment and Heritage leadership team

National Parks and Wildlife Service

  • Acting Deputy Secretary, National Parks and Wildlife Service: Naomi Stephens
  • Acting Executive Director, Business Delivery: Michael Vader
  • Acting Executive Director, Park Operations (Coastal):  Deon Rensburg 
  • Executive Director, Park Operations (Inland): Robert Smith
  • Executive Director, Conservation and Aboriginal Partnerships: Trish Harrup

Biodiversity, Conservation and Science

  • Deputy Secretary, Biodiversity, Conservation and Science: Brendan Bruce
  • Executive Director, Biodiversity and Conservation: Sharon Molloy
  • Executive Director, Biodiversity and Conservation: Gabrielle Pietrini
  • Executive Director, Science, Economics and Insights: Dr Georgina Kelly


  • Executive Director, Heritage NSW: Sam Kidman

Governance, Strategy and Coordination

  • Executive Director, Governance, Strategy and Coordination: Mia Garrido

Credits Supply Taskforce

  • Executive Director, Credits Supply Taskforce: Louisa Mamouney

Environment and Heritage also supports a number of statutory authorities.

For more information about our structure: Environment and Heritage Group Senior Executive structure chart (PDF 83KB)   

For more information about the department: visit Planning and Environment.