Water, wetlands and coasts

We work to protect and enhance our freshwater, estuarine, coastal and marine environments to benefit biodiversity, local communities and economies.

We help monitor, manage and assess the ecological condition of our water and coastal environments. This includes the marine environment, coasts and estuaries, floodplains and wetlands.

Through this work we:

  • protect and enhance freshwater and marine environments
  • support biodiversity, local communities and economies
  • help manage environmental water and monitor the responses of plants and animals to water flows
  • assess the health of estuaries and waterways to help reduce impacts of development and land use on the environment
  • deliver state-wide coastal monitoring and mapping data
  • support decision makers to assess and mitigate the risk of floods, coastal erosion and a changing climate.

Science informs ship anchoring

Our scientists worked with port authorities to improve anchoring options for ships and protect marine life.

  • 26 Oct 2023

Water quality science delivers safer swimming

A new approach to assessing water quality is helping manage an ongoing pollution problem at Rose Bay Beach in Sydney.

  • 02 Mar 2023