Green Corridors program

The Green Corridors program is a government priority action identified in the NSW 2021 Plan.

The Green Corridors program protects strategic areas of high conservation value vegetation and ensures more green spaces across Sydney and NSW. The program was implemented with $40 million of funding over four years (2011-12 to 2014–15).

The project was funded through the NSW Environmental Trust.

Program projects

Great Eastern Ranges Initiative

The Great Eastern Ranges Initiative worked with over 120 organisations to build a conservation corridor on a continental scale from the Grampians in Victoria to far north Queensland along the Great Dividing Range and Eastern Escarpment. It has been the catalyst for building many linkages between existing natural reserves and isolated remnants of bushland on public and private land, and has secured habitat for the State's endangered wildlife. The project received $4.4 million up to 2014-15 to expand the reach of the corridor and respond to the increasing demand from other groups to become involved.

Growth Centres Biodiversity Offset program

The Growth Centres Biodiversity Offset program permanently protects some of the best remaining bushland in western Sydney. It acquires land for new reserves and funds agreements with landowners to permanently conserve their land. The program is funded by the Government along with developer contributions from within the Western Sydney Growth Centres. It is expected to obtain $13.5 million up to 2014-15, subject to annual amendments reflecting development rates in the growth centres.

Linking Landscapes through local action

The Linking Landscapes through local action project included stakeholder participation to identify and protect core areas of bushland and biodiversity corridors within the Sydney Basin Bioregion. Funding of $10.1 million up to 2014-15 was allocated for the three components of this project:

  1. Biodiversity Investment Opportunities Map (BIO Map) - identified priority investment areas for biodiversity management within two pilot subregions in the Sydney Basin Bioregion.
  2. Linking Landscapes through local action grant program - established biobank sites to protect and manage public land with identified conservation values.