Sustainability assessments for lease and licence proposals

Lease and licence proposals within our acquired or reserved lands must meet certain sustainability criteria.

The National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 (NPW Act) provides for the granting of leases or licences for built structures within acquired or reserved lands.

A proposal for a lease or licence will need to show:

  • how the proposed development is compatible with the natural and cultural values of the land and its surroundings
  • that it will use natural resources, energy and water in a sustainable and efficient way
  • that any new or modified structures are of an appropriate built form, including bulk, height, footprint, setbacks and density.

These assessment criteria are adopted by the Chief Executive and published here as required by section 151B(3) of the NPW Act.

Preparing your proposal

If you are seeking a lease or licence:

  1. Contact the relevant park managerbefore you begin to prepare your proposal.
  2. Follow the Sustainability Guidelines for Visitor Use and Tourism in NSW National Parks (PDF 741KB). This document will help you complete the sustainability assessment.
  3. Use one of the following templates to complete a sustainability assessment. The templates apply to different kinds of development.
You may also have to complete an environmental impact assessment for your proposal. Guidelines for Preparing a Review of Environmental Factors (PDF 1.2MB) provides information on how to do this.