Domestic firewood collection in river red gum reserves

Firewood may be collected from some public lands in the Riverina for domestic use only. You must have a permit.

Generally, removing firewood from national parks is prohibited. However, firewood collection is allowed in state forests, and under permit where designated in the Riverina. To collect firewood, you must obtain a permit that remains valid when collecting and transporting firewood.

Tree-felling is prohibited. Firewood cannot be collected for sale or commercial use.

Domestic firewood collection program

Firewood collection areas

Areas selected for firewood collection depend on:

  • the presence of sufficient wood to allow removal while maintaining ecological processes and cultural heritage values
  • adequate public access and safety
  • amenity for other forest users
  • other regulatory requirements.

The areas may be revised from time to time in response to changing circumstances such as flooding and depletion of coarse woody debris.

Energy efficiency and home heating alternatives

The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water has also adopted the taskforce recommendation to encourage alternative forms of heating and to provide information about energy efficiency.