Community Bush Regeneration

This program supported community groups undertaking large, long-term projects in bush regeneration.

This program is now closed to applications.


The Community Bush Regeneration program funded community groups such as Landcare and Bushcare. It targeted large-scale projects that the groups could continue beyond the funding period.

The program was aimed at:

  • regenerating degraded natural areas such as bushland, riverbanks, waterways, and rare and endangered ecosystems
  • improving the ongoing health and resilience of important ecosystems and the habitats of rare and endangered plants and animals
  • improving connections between natural areas so that animals could move between them more easily
  • strengthening local community groups that carry out environmental projects.


The Community Bush Regeneration program was offered only in 2011–2012.

Funded projects began in July 2012 and will run until July 2018.

Who could apply?

Local non-government organisations and community groups, such as Landcare and Bushcare, were the lead organisations for projects.

Government bodies could administer projects on the behalf of the lead organisations.


The Trust sent grant recipients customised reporting templates.

Grants awarded

In the 2011–2012 round, the Trust approved 33 grants, totalling $8,033,016.