Closed programs

We maintain a list of closed programs no longer open to applications for reporting and reference purposes.

Program About the program Status
Bush Connect Bush Connect supported conservation activities in NSW’s Great Eastern Ranges corridor. Closed.
Community Bush Regeneration This program supported community groups undertaking large, long-term projects in bush regeneration. Closed.
Eco Schools The Trust is not currently funding this program. The program was last offered in 2019 for projects commencing term one in 2020. Closed.
Food Gardens in Schools

This program fostered the growing and harvesting of food in school gardens.

Grants awarded and project summaries

In 2014 the program was incorporated into the Eco Schools program.
Love Food Hate Waste

The Trust’s Love Food Hate Waste grants program was aimed at making people more aware of food waste and giving them steps to avoid it.

Grants awarded and project summaries

Grants are now managed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority.
Organics Infrastructure – Home Composting

Organics Infrastructure – Home Composting grants helped local government promote the use of home compost bins and worm farms.

Resource Recovery Facility Expansion and Enhancement This program aimed to increase the recycling of household and business waste. Closed.
The NSW Environment Protection Authority will manage future rounds.
Riverina Red Gum Regional Employment and Community Development Fund

This program was created to support the NSW Riverina community affected by the establishment of the river red gum protected areas in the Riverina.

Grants awarded and project summaries

Shredder Floc Management This program supported new approaches to managing metal waste (shredder floc) produced during recycling. Closed.