Grants available

Learn which types of projects are funded by the Environmental Trust and what grants are available.

The NSW Environmental Trust provides funding to a range of community, government and industry stakeholders to deliver projects that conserve, protect and rehabilitate the NSW environment, or that promote environmental education and sustainability.

The Trust provides this funding through a range of contestable grant programs and strategic investments. We administer both long-standing annual programs and one-off, issue-specific programs.

Our programs support:

  • action in conserving and restoring natural ecosystems
  • protecting threatened species
  • undertaking priority environmental research
  • building community skills
  • knowledge and capacity through education
  • promoting cultural awareness
  • dealing with pollution.

We also deliver many grant programs concerned with managing waste. These programs are part of the NSW Government’s Waste Less, Recycle More (WLRM) initiative.

WLRM programs support and complement each other, and together form a comprehensive approach to improving the management of waste materials in NSW. We administer WLRM jointly with the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

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Eligible groups

Funding available

Anticipated announcement dates
Next round opening
Closing date

Community recycling centres

Aimed at establishing a network of community recycling centres for householders to recycle and remove problem wastes.

State and local government

Private industry

Not-for profit organisations

Up to $200,000 per project

  currently open.
16 May 2019

Eco schools

Funds environmental management projects run by schools


$3500 per project

($280,000 total)

November 2019
29 April 2019
 3pm 1 July 2019

Environmental Education

Supports projects that develop knowledge, skills, commitment to, protecting the environment

Community groups

Non-profit organisations

State and local government


  June 2019

Emergency pollution clean-up program

Funds emergency clean-ups of hazardous materials

State agencies

Emergency services

Local government

Now managed on behalf of the Trust by the NSW Environment Protection Authority


Environmental research

Supports applied research for local environmental problems

Research institutions


Up to $150,000 per project

($1 million in total)

October 2019
4 February 2019 to 3pm 11 March 2019

Landfill consolidation and environmental improvements

Provides funding for the consolidation, closure and the environmental improvement of landfills.

Local government

Up to $200,000 per project


Lead environmental community groups

Builds community capacity to care for the environment

Peak environmental community organisations

$600,000 in total

Stream 1 (smaller community non-government organisations): up to $30,000 per year (maximum $90,000 over 3 years)

Stream 2 (large peak non-government organisations): $30,000–$70,000 per year (maximum $210,000 over 3 years)


Major resource recovery infrastructure

Accelerates and stimulates investment in waste and recycling infrastructure and increases resource recovery

Local government

Private industry

Not-for-profit organisations

$1–5 million per project for industry and non-profits

$1–10 million per project for local government

   Mid May 2019

Organics collections (formerly Local government organics collection systems)

Supports new or enhanced household kerbside collection services for garden, food or combined food and garden organic waste.

Local government

Waste and recycling collection businesses

$10,000–$500,000 per project for services to businesses

Up to $1.3 million per project for services to households.

   Late April 2019

Organics infrastructure – processing infrastructure

Funds infrastructure and equipment to reduce food and garden organic waste going to landfill

Local government

Waste-management businesses

$25,000–$3 million per project



Organics infrastructure – business organics recycling

Supports on-site processing or pre-processing of organics

Private industry

Local government

Not-for-profit organisations

Universities, prisons, TAFE colleges and other government institutions

$75,000–$500,000 per project for businesses and local councils

$135,000–$500,000 per project for not-for-profit organisations and government agencies


Organics infrastructure – food donation

Funds Infrastructure to facilitate the collection and redistribution of food waste from businesses to people in need.

Food-relief agencies (not-for-profit)

$10,000–$500,000 per project


Organics infrastructure – product quality

Funds infrastructure to improve the quality of organics outputs above regulatory requirements


Local government

$10,000–$500,000 per project


Protecting our Places

Funds protection and rehabilitation for culturally important land and water

Aboriginal groups

Up to $60,00 per project (over 2 stages)

($500,000 in total)

February 2019
August 2019

Recycling innovation

Fosters innovative solutions for problem wastes

All organisations. Preference given to partnerships between industry, research institutions and commercial organisations

$100,000– $1 million for capital costs

$20,000–$200,000 for research and development

   Late May 2019

Restoration and Rehabilitation

Funds rehabilitation of degraded areas

State and local government

Community groups

Up to $100,000 per project

($4 million in total)

June/July 2019
August 2019

Past Environmental Trust programs

Some past programs have continuing projects. Contact us for more information about other past programs.

Name Description Eligible groups Most recent round Funding available

Building resilience to climate change

Addresses climate-change risks faced by NSW local government

Local government

2016 (funded by the Climate Change Fund). Rounds in 2014 and 2015 were jointly funded by OEH and the NSW Environmental Trust.

Program now administered by the Local Government NSW

Bush Connect

Supported conservation activities in the Great Eastern Ranges corridor

Community led collaborations

2017 – competitive supplementary funding round to extend existing projects

Original grants in 2015 of up to $500,000. Supplementary round in 2017 offering up to an additional $100,000 per project

($8 million in total)

Castlereagh Community (Quarantine) Fund – community grants

Provided benefits to community following closure of waste-management facility

Community groups near Castlereagh Waste Management Centre


$1.1m (total for round)

Community bush regeneration

Supported restoration of degraded areas

Community groups

2011–2012 (one-off program)

$8 million (total for round)

Food gardens in schools

Fostered the growing and harvesting food in school gardens


2014 (closed and merged with Eco Schools program)

Rounds 2012, 2013 and 2014

Grants awarded and project summaries

$3500 per project


Love food hate waste

Raised awareness of food waste and provided households and businesses with simple actions to reduce the amount of edible food disposed of in NSW.

Local government

Community groups

Non-government organisations

Not-for-profit organisations


Grants awarded and project summaries

$5000–$70,000 per project (2016 round)

Program now administered by the NSW Environment Protection Authority

Organics infrastructure – home composting

Funded compost bins and worm farms

Local government


Grants awarded and project summaries

$5000–$75,000 per council

Resource recovery facility expansion and enhancement

Supported projects to boost recycling capacity

EPA-licensed resource-recovery facility owned or operated by state and local government or private industry

Not-for-profit organisations



Now administered by the NSW Environment Protection Authority

$100,000–$1 million per project

Riverina red gum development

Part of the NSW Government's $97 million support package for timber industry workers and regional communities affected by the establishment of the River Red Gum protected areas in the Riverina.

Communities in NSW Riverina region


Grants awarded and project summaries

$12 million (total for round)

Saving our Species (SoS) partnership grants

Supports conservation projects developed under the SoS program


2015 (round 2: landscape-managed species)

Two rounds (2014 and 2015) offering grants of up to $1 million per project

($10 million in total)

Saving our Species (SoS) contestable grants

Supports conservation projects developed under the SoS program



Partnership program between the Environmental Trust and the Saving our Species program

Up to $350,000 per project

($9 million in total)

Innovation in shredder floc management

Supported new approaches to managing metal waste (shredder floc) produced during recycling

Metal recyclers


Now merged with the Recycling Innovation grants program

$500,000–$1.6 million per project.