Species, populations or ecological communities can be listed, delisted and have their threat status changed in the Schedules of the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016. Key Threatening Processes can be listed or delisted. Making a nomination is the first step in the process.

The Biodiversity Conservation Act (BC Act) encourages community involvement in the protection of threatened species and ecological communities. Any person or organisation can propose changes to the list of threatened species, populations, ecological communities or key threatening process.

Nomination priorities

The NSW Threatened Species Scientific Committee (NSW TSSC) assesses all nominations received, but some nominations may be given priority over others in line with the NSW TSSC nomination priorities. The current criteria for nomination priorities include:

  • species and ecological communities endemic to NSW
  • degree of threat
  • immediacy of threat
  • taxonomic or ecological distinctiveness
  • any other matters the NSW TSSC considers relevant. 

For more information, read the NSW TSSC Nomination Priorities (PDF 54KB)