Public health in NSW alpine resorts

Find out how we help manage risks to public health and safety in NSW alpine resorts and where to get more info.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) carries out the following activities to ensure the health and safety of visitors and service providers in the NSW alpine resorts.

  • regulate food safety
  • monitor drinking water quality
  • control disease carriers such as Legionella, rodents, flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ticks, bats, bed bugs and lice
  • pest management
  • regulate spa and swimming pool quality
  • ensure suitable accommodation conditions
  • work with other organisations to ensure health and safety at events and large gatherings
  • approve modifications and new work at commercial kitchens and public spas
  • educate business owners about food safety and pool and spa hygiene.

We also work with other government agencies to respond to issues such as asbestos, pollution, chemical fuels and spills and wastewater.

Report an environmental problem

Food safety

All food businesses within Kosciuszko National Park must follow the Food Safety Standards required by the Food Act 2003.

Visit the Safe Food Australia website to download the Food Safety Standards.

What you need to do

All new owners of food businesses within Kosciuszko National Park must notify NPWS of the details of the scope of their food service. Email:

For more information and to download resources, refer to the NSW Food Authority fact sheets.