The health of our estuaries

The estuaries of New South Wales are some of our greatest natural assets. We monitor the ecosystem health of 164 estuaries and swimming health of 24 estuaries.

Our scientists monitor ecosystem health in our estuaries using a standard monitoring and evaluation program. We use this data to calculate a report card grade that summarises water quality and aquatic ecosystem health. We also monitor the swimming suitability in some of our estuaries as part of the Beachwatch program.

We work directly with many local councils to deliver annual estuary report card grades for estuaries in their local areas. Local councils also carry out monitoring to assess swimming suitability in their local area as part of the Beachwatch Partnership Program.

Learn about the health of your local estuary

Use the interactive map to learn about the ecosystem health and swimming suitability of an estuary. The map divides the New South Wales coast into 3 regions.

Once selected, each region is divided into council local government areas (LGAs). Each LGA is further divided into catchment and waterway boundaries of local estuaries. Estuary swimming spots are represented by icons. Select the region, LGA, estuary or swimming spot of your interest to find out more. Refresh the map to start over.