Rehome a Kosciuszko wild horse

National Parks and Wildlife Service continues to prioritise passive trapping and rehoming, where it leads to the highest animal welfare outcomes.

Since 2002, over 1500 horses have been rehomed from Kosciuszko National Park.

These horses are removed from the park as wild and unhandled animals, unfamiliar with the human environment. Potential rehomers will need to ensure they have the necessary skills, facilities and resources to care for these wild animals and transition them to domestic life. To ensure that potential applicants are aware of what is involved in rehoming a wild horse and to support good animal welfare outcomes, we encourage individuals new to owning a wild horse to seek the help of experienced rehoming groups and individuals.

To rehome up to 4 horses

If you would like to rehome less than 5 horses, please contact one of the following rehoming groups and individuals who have received horses from the park and will be making them available to the general public to give them a new home.

Name Location Contact phone number
Chris Ashcroft Dalgety, NSW 0457 434 784 (text only)
Clearview Brumby Rescue QLD Thangool, QLD 0428 958 258
Courtney Hayden Wallaroo, NSW
0403 471 442
Deb Plattfuss Glenrowan, VIC 0481 288 755
Indigo Brumbies Stanley, VIC 0418 149 405
Kylie Stewart Jindabyne, NSW 0432 788 024
Matthew Morgan Zeerust, VIC 0427 518 077
Melbourne Brumby Rehomers Koo-Wee-Rup, VIC 0431 146 162
Mountain Brumby Sanctuary Broadford, VIC 0490 759 033
Rosewood Hills Brumby Rescue Rosewood NSW 0438 485 125
Sally McCoullough Kalkite, NSW 0484 322 214
Snowy Brumby Horsemanship Dalgety, NSW 0483 283 078
Sonja Rock Mortons Creek, NSW 0487 247 077
South Australian Brumby Association Two Wells, SA 0456 151 458
Wild Hearts Brumby Gentling Pura Pura, VIC 0428 614 801

Rehoming through one of these groups or individuals is often a good way to take home your own horse if you lack the experience or confidence to look after and train a wild horse removed straight from the park. They may have already put time into gentling horses, including haltering, farriery and floating. These groups may also offer advice on caring for a wild horse and their ongoing training and may be able to offer useful information on the horse’s temperament.

Please note that these groups and individuals are not affiliated with the department. The application process and cost for obtaining a horse from these groups and individuals is at their discretion.

To rehome 5 horses or more

Applications to obtain horses from the Department can only be made for 5 horses or more. The rehoming guidelines and application form are available for download.

Rehoming Kosciuszko wild horses – register of interest

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Kosciuszko National Park Wild Horse Rehoming

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Kosciuszko National Park Wild Horse Rehoming

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