Purpose of Aboriginal joint management

The joint management of parks aims to protect and sustain our parks and reserves, and support Aboriginal culture and practice.

The joint management of parks and reserves is important for the successful ongoing management of our lands and waterways.

Joint management includes working together to:

  • encourage the continuing practice of traditional and contemporary Aboriginal culture in the ongoing management of parks and reserves
  • enhance sustainable use of resources as part of the continuing practice
  • manage and reduce impacts on areas of high cultural significance
  • make decisions about park management
  • involve Aboriginal people in education and tourism programs, such as the Discovery Ranger Program
  • ensure Aboriginal people are involved when cultural stories about a park and/or areas that are important to Aboriginal people are chosen and shared
  • develop plans of management, Aboriginal cultural heritage assessments, fire, pest and weed, and other management plans for a park
  • improve employment, education, training or contracting opportunities for Aboriginal people
  • in some cases, provide a financial return to the Aboriginal community.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned these webpages may contain images of people who have passed away.