Aboriginal park partnerships

We engage in partnerships with Aboriginal peoples and recognise them as traditional custodians of their Country.

Peckings Mutawintji Historic Site is one of the most significant sacred places in the far west of New South WalesThe wellbeing of Aboriginal people is intimately connected to the health of the environment and the degree to which they can be involved in actively caring for it. As stated by Aboriginal peoples: ‘traditional lands, sea and the Aboriginal people are all parts of an integral whole’.

We acknowledge that Aboriginal spiritual and cultural values exist in the land, waters and natural resources of New South Wales.

Partnerships between the National Parks and Wildlife Service and Aboriginal peoples lead to positive outcomes for both parties, such as:

  • productive working relationships
  • connection to Country
  • better management of natural and cultural heritage
  • social and economic outcomes for Aboriginal communities.

Spirituality and connection

Partnering with Aboriginal peoples also means that the government seeks advice on spiritual and cultural values associated with Country and how best to respect these values. This includes recognising there will be times and places where Aboriginal spiritual values and beliefs require a culturally sensitive approach to the management of other values.