Floodplain management grants

The NSW Government's floodplain management grants support local government to manage flood risk.

Bridge over riverThe Floodplain Management Program provides financial support to local councils and eligible public land managers to help them manage flood risk in their communities. The program supports the implementation of the NSW Government's Flood Prone Land Policy, which is outlined in the Floodplain Development Manual.

Funding comes from 2 programs, the NSW Floodplain Management Program and the Floodplain Grants Scheme – the latter is funded by the NSW Office of Emergency Management. Support provided under the programs usually involves $2 from government for every $1 provided by the applicant.

Under the 2019–20 funding round, $9,145,834 was awarded to local councils and other authorities to undertake 54 projects to assess the risks and reduce the impacts of flooding in New South Wales.

Current funding round

The 2019–20 funding round has closed.

Who can apply

Local councils, county councils and other government bodies with floodplain risk-management responsibilities equivalent to those of local councils, such as the Hunter Local Land Services and the Lord Howe Island Board.

What will be funded

Applications can be made under 4 independent project stages:

Preparation of a flood study, including data collection.
Preparation or review of a floodplain risk-management study and plan.
Investigation, design and completion of a feasibility study, where required, for works identified in a floodplain risk management plan, this stage must be undertaken for projects that are likely to exceed $500,000.
Implementation of actions identified in a floodplain risk-management plan, including but not limited to:
  • structural works, such as levees, detention basins, flood gates and improved flow conveyance
  • flood warning systems
  • evacuation management
  • voluntary purchase or house raising.