Coastal and estuary grants

The NSW Government's Coastal and Estuary Grants Program provides technical and financial support to local government to help manage the coastal zone.

We've updated our webpages to make information clearer and easier to find. You'll find information on floodplain management grants on a separate webpage.

Aerial view of estuaries at Kiama. The program aims to help:

  • manage risks from coastal hazards, such as coastal erosion
  • restore degraded coastal habitats
  • improve the health of estuaries, wetlands and littoral rainforests across New South Wales.

As part of the coastal reforms, a funding package of $83.6 million is available for coastal management from 2016-17 to 2020-21. The Coastal and Estuary Grants Program is part of this package.

The program supports coastal and estuary planning projects and the implementation of works identified in certified coastal zone management plans or coastal management programs. Grant offers are subject to statewide priorities and availability of funds each financial year.

Current funding round

The 2020-21 funding round for the planning stream is open.

Funding for the implementation stream is closed.

Councils may apply for funding throughout the year for works related to sites of significant open coastal hazards that cannot wait until the next funding round.

Who can apply

  • local councils
  • joint organisations (established under an Act of Parliament)
  • where multiple councils are working together within the same coastal sediment compartment or estuary to prepare and implement a Coastal Management Program, one council (county council or joint organisation) is required to be the lead agency in terms of signing of the funding agreement, managing monies and reporting on the project
  • local land services, county councils and public land managers (such as a Crown reserve trust or a location-specific NSW Government authority) in partnership with a lead council, providing the council is the principal applicant and assumes overall responsibility for administrating the grant.

What will be funded

Funding is available under 5 funding streams: a planning stream and 4 implementation streams.

Funding is available for planning projects that aim to:

  • develop a coastal management program (CMP)
  • transition a coastal zone management plan (CZMP) to a CMP
  • undertake investigations and designs or cost-benefit analyses for infrastructure works recommended in a certified CZMP or CMP.

Funding is available for implementation of actions identified in certified coastal zone management plans or coastal management programs. Projects need to fit into 1 of 4 streams:

  • coastal vulnerability area
  • coastal wetland and littoral rainforest areas
  • coastal environment area
  • coastal use area.

Councils in locations identified as significant open coastal hazards may apply for funding throughout the year for works that cannot wait until the next funding round. Funding is available for works that directly reduce/mitigate coastal hazards related to a significant open coastal hazard site. 

Online Grants Management System

The Grants Management System (GMS), a customised OmniGrants program, is purpose built to manage the entire grant process online, from application through to final acquittal and evaluation.

It allows you to apply online for grants.

If your funding application is successful, this GMS will be used to lodge documents related to the project such as work plans, variations, progress reports and final acquittal reports.

Log in or register for the GMS

Through the use of the GMS, some personal information will be collected. The Privacy Policy outlines how this information will be managed.

How to apply

The planning stream for the 2020-21 funding round is now open.

The implementation stream for the 2020-21 funding round is closed.

Information for new applicants, including guidelines and application forms are available.

Current grant holders

Information for successful applicants and current grant holders, including how to manage and report on your grant, is available.