Floodplain Management Program

Through the Floodplain Management Program, we partner with local government to manage flood risk and build community resilience.

Under this program, we provide expert advice and support on flood modelling, risk assessment, management options, planning and environmental considerations, and community engagement.

Our staff have technical skills in a range of areas such as engineering, science and land-use planning, and a wide range of practical experience in floodplain risk management.


The Floodplain Management Program also provides financial support to councils and eligible public land managers to:

  • make informed decisions about managing flood risk by preparing management plans (and associated background studies) under the floodplain risk management process
  • implement management plans to reduce flood risk to the community and to existing and future development, and reduce losses through a range of property, flood and response modification measures
  • provide essential information to the State Emergency Service so it can prepare and implement local flood plans effectively, to deal with flood emergency response.

The NSW Government usually offers assistance by providing $2 for every $1 provided by councils for approved projects.

For more help with applying for grants or technical support please contact your local DPE office or the Environment Line.


The program supports the implementation of the NSW Government's Flood Prone Land Policy as outlined in the NSW Government's Floodplain Development Manual.

The main objective of the policy is to reduce the impacts of flooding and flood liability on communities and private and public losses using ecologically positive methods wherever possible.

Manual and guidelines

The Floodplain Development Manual and floodplain risk management guidelines have been created to help local council decision-making and to promote good practice in flood risk management. 

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