National Parks and Wildlife Advisory Council

The National Parks and Wildlife Advisory Council is constituted under Section 23 of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 to provide advice to the Minister for Environment and Heritage, and the Secretary Department of Planning and Environment.

The National Parks and Wildlife Advisory Council advises on issues relating to the operation and management of national parks and reserves under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974:

  • strategies for attaining the objects of the Act
  • the development, implementation and review of the policies and plans of the Service directed to achieving those objects
  • strategies for promoting, consistent with the Act, the conservation of natural and cultural heritage outside the reserve system
  • the care, control and management of areas reserved under the Act, including, if requested by the Minister, the content of any specific plans of management
  • conservation agreements and conservation areas
  • wilderness areas and wild rivers
  • any matter referred to the Council for advice under the Act or by the Minister or the Secretary or that the Council considers necessary for the administration of the Act.

The Council provides independent, informed technical expert advice inclusive of stakeholder groups to the Minister on a wide range of strategic matters including proposed changes to legislation, draft plans of management of statewide significance, proposed long-term leases and licences (greater than 10 years), and high-impact or statewide issues impacting on the implementation of the Act.

The Council consists of up to 19 members appointed by the Minister, each having experience or expertise in a range of backgrounds as listed in Schedule 7 of the Act, including local government, rural and regional development, planning, science, environmental education, bushfire management, natural and cultural heritage conservation, recreation and community use of reserves. Council members are expected to contribute to the effectiveness of Council, analyse information, make a constructive contribution to discussion, and uphold the Department of Planning and Environment's Board and Committee Code of Conduct.

Council members come from a range of backgrounds, including science, education, conservation and natural resource management.

Ms Rhonda Ashby
Expertise and experience in Aboriginal cultural heritage conservation

Assoc Prof Rosemary Black
Expertise and experience in environmental education and community involvement in environmental education

Cr Romola Hollywood
Experience in planning and local government, nominated by Local Government NSW

Mr Ross McDonnell
Expertise in non-government organisations concerned with the conservation of nature, nominated by the Nature Conservation Council of NSW

Cr Phyllis Miller OAM
Experience in planning and local government, nominated by Local Government NSW

Mr Gregory Mullins AO
Expertise and experience in bushfire management

Assoc Prof Julie Old
Scientific qualifications in an area associated with the conservation of nature

Dr Allison O’Sullivan
Qualifications in cultural heritage research

Ms Cathy Parsons
Expertise and experience in ecotourism or the sustainable visitor or tourist use, enjoyment and appreciation of reserves

Ms Bronwyn Petrie
Expertise and experience in agriculture and rural issues, nominated by NSW Farmers

Mr Ted Rowley
Expertise and experience in rural and regional development and planning issues

Erica Smits
Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee member

Dr Rebecca Spindler
Scientific qualifications in areas associated with the conservation of nature

Mr Craig Thomas
Representing peak recreational bodies

Barrington Tops National Park, mountain landscape view