Biodiversity Conservation Program

The NSW Biodiversity Conservation Program outlines strategies for assisting threatened species, populations and ecological communities.

Gang-gang cockatoo (Callocephalon fimbriatum)The Biodiversity Conservation Program replaces the Priorities Action Statement (PAS) as part of the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016, effective 25 August 2017.

The Saving our Species Database provides a public register of strategies included in the Biodiversity Conservation Program.

The Biodiversity Conservation Program consists of:

  1. strategies to achieve the objectives of the Program in relation to each threatened species and threatened ecological community
  2. a framework to guide the setting of priorities for implementing the strategies
  3. a process for monitoring and reporting on the overall outcomes and effectiveness of the Program.

Through the Biodiversity Conservation Program the Saving our Species program implements strategies through its conservation strategies.

Strategies to minimise the impacts of key threatening processes may but are not required to be included in the Program.

The Environment Agency Head is to ensure that a strategy to achieve the objectives of the Program in relation to a threatened species or threatened ecological community is included in the Program within 2 years after the species or ecological community is listed in the Act.


The Environment Agency Head may amend or replace a strategy or other component of the Program at any time.