Statutory Review of the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016

Five-year review of the Biodiversity Conservation Act.

The Biodiversity Conservation Act requires the Minister responsible for administering the Act to begin a review as soon as possible after 5 years from the commencement of a majority of the Act's provisions (which occurred on 25 August 2017). The purpose of the review is to determine whether the policy objectives of the Act remain valid and whether the terms remain appropriate for securing those objectives. A report on the outcome of the review will be tabled in each House of Parliament by 24 August 2023.

To effectively evaluate whether the terms of the Biodiversity Conservation Act remain appropriate for securing the objectives of the Biodiversity Conservation Act, interdependent policy settings across other legislation will be considered, but only to the extent, they are directly relevant to the Biodiversity Conservation Act. The Terms of Reference outline the requirements and scope for the statutory review.

Download the Terms of Reference

The review will be led by independent experts Dr Ken Henry AC, supported by Mr Mike Mrdak AO, Dr John Keniry AM and Professor Michelle Leishman.

Further information about the review and public consultation will be shared via this website.

Blackbutt eucalypt trees (Eucalyptus pilularis) and tree ferns forest, Jilliby State Conservation Area