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Calculight – the energy efficient lighting upgrade calculator


Make an informed decision about energy efficient lighting by using Calculight.


  • helps you to identify appropriate, cost-effective energy efficient lighting upgrades for common types of lighting
  • shows you a number of options, letting you make the best choice for your business
  • compares lighting upgrade options and lets you sort results by annual energy savings, capital costs and payback periods for each
  • gives you generic technical specifications, so that you can confidently approach lighting suppliers and contractors.

Using Calculight is easy. You can simply enter your project data using the start button, or go to the instructions for a step by step guide on how to get the most out of the calculator.

More detailed information on lighting is given in the Energy Saver lighting technology report (PDF 3.6MB).

For more information please contact the Energy Saver team on 1300 361 967 or email energysaver@environment.nsw.gov.au  

Client name {{client.ClientName}} Sheet GHG emissions factor Agreed energy cost
(cents per KWhr)
Agreed labour cost
(dollars per hour)
Project name {{client.projectName}} {{client.sheet}} {{client.stateEmission.emissionFactor}} {{client.AgreedEnergyCost}} cents {{client.AgreedLabourCost|currency}}
Company {{client.Company}} State {{client.stateEmission.State}}
Email {{client.Email}}

It is recommended that
you read the instructions
before commencing.


Location:  {{item.luminaire.Location}}

Luminaire type Download technical specification Design required (Y/N) Quantity Number of lamps Connected wattage each lamp Average weekly operating hours Lamp life Estimated lamp purchase price Luminaire cost(each) Install cost (each) Lamp change (minutes)
{{item.luminaire.Name}} {{item.luminaire.Name}}
{{item.Quantity *item.luminaire.QtyFactor}} {{item.luminaire.NumberOfLamps}} {{item.luminaire.WattagePerLamp}} {{item.WeeklyOperatingHours}} {{item.luminaire.LampLife}} {{item.luminaire.LampCost}}

  Replacement options  

Own option: {{replaceItem.Name}} Technical
Yes No {{replaceItem.Quantity * replaceItem.QtyFactor}} {{replaceItem.NumberOfLamps}} {{replaceItem.WattagePerLamp}} {{item.WeeklyOperatingHours}} {{replaceItem.LampLife}} {{replaceItem.LampCost|currency}} {{replaceItem.LuminaireCost|currency}} {{replaceItem.InstallCost|currency}} {{replaceItem.ChangeTimePerLamp}}


It is highly recommended that the Energy Saver lighting technology report (PDF 3.6MB) is used as a reference guide to this tool.

This calculator was prepared for the Office of Environment and Heritage by Julien Freed Consulting and is based on calculations completed in 2014. All luminaire, lamp and installation costs are based on information provided by suppliers, installers and actual project costs at the time of calculation. Estimated savings do not include the additional benefits that may be achieved by a reduction in air conditioning use. Pay backs do not include the benefits of energy saving certificates. Energy saving certificate calculations are subject to verification by an accredited certificate provider under the Energy Savings Scheme administered by IPART.

Please note that this tool was developed as a guide for identifying energy savings, and does not negate the requirement to seek technical expertise for design and specification issues.