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Culture and heritage research

The Office of Environment and Heritage NSW (OEH) has an active program of research which provides new ideas and knowledge to underpin the way we and the community conserve and manage culture and heritage values. Current and recent research projects include studies of the shared (Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal) heritage of the NSW pastoral industry, post-1788 Aboriginal settlements in NSW, cultural diversity and park use along the Georges River, the impact of salinity on Aboriginal culture and heritage in central western NSW, and the importance of cultural heritage to contemporary Aboriginal people's wellbeing.

To find out more about the sort of cultural heritage research OEH conducts, and about ways in which you can work with OEH on research projects, read our cultural heritage research prospectus (2010105cultureprospectus.pdf, 1.12MB).

Several of OEH's culture and heritage research projects have received National Trust Heritage Awards. These include awards for the Aboriginal Women's Heritage book series (2005),  the book, Ray Kelly and the Sites of Significance Survey (2006), and  Cultural Landscapes: A practical guide for park management (2010).

The outcomes of our research range from articles published in scholarly and scientific journals as well as full-length specialist books and booklets for the general public, travelling exhibits and web site content. Other research outcomes feed directly into OEH's conservation activities, providing new methodologies and model approaches.

OEH's culture and heritage research program is supported by the Cultural Heritage Research Agenda and Implementation Plan 2006-10. The plan was developed after taking an inventory of cultural heritage research needs, reviewing the research needs in the context of NSW Government strategic planning, and determining OEH's cultural heritage research priorities. Together the Agenda and Implementation Plan provide OEH with research priorities and actions for delivering culture and heritage knowledge to the NSW Government. Underpinning the agenda is a commitment to promoting a collaborative research culture, both within OEH and with external research partners.

Research projects

View OEH's past and present (ongoing) cultural heritage research projects. They are listed under seven priority research themes:

Cultural heritage research projects


You can also find many of our cultural heritage reports and other research publications on this website.


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