This region of rivers, long sandy beaches, large protected estuaries and sandstone headlands features fascinating coastal ecosystems and rare Aboriginal archaeological remains.

Illawarra region map

Featured threatened species

Common name
Illawarra Socketwood

Scientific name
Daphnandra johnsonii

Status in NSW

Commonwealth status

Rainforest tree to 20 metres tall. Leaves opposite, coarsely toothed, roughly oval in shape, 6 to 12 cm long, 1.5 to 6 cm wide, with a raised mid-vein on the upper surface. Small, pale greenish white flowers (rarely with a pink margin), borne in a many-flowered panicle from the leaf base.

Climate change

Mean temperatures are projected to rise by 1.9 ºC by 2070. The increases are occurring across the region with the greatest increase during summer. Larger increases are also being seen along the coast and the west of the region during summer and spring. All models show there are no declines in mean temperatures across the Illawarra.


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Willandra Homestead

The homestead, cottage and men’s quarters are instilled with the history of NSW’s wool industry. Photo: B.Hlavica

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Hay Gaol

This prison from the 1880s was also a place of internment of Japanese prisoners of war during World War II. Photo: M.McClelland

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Hermit's Cave

The hermit Ricetti built a complex of enclosed rocky outcrops, walk ways, terraces and grew his own crops. Photo: G.Cilliers

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Cocoparra National Park

A half hour drive from Griffith in the Riverina, Cocoparra National Park is fabulous for bushwalking and birdwatching. Photo: J.Spencer

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Yanga Homestead

Step in to the past on a guided tour of Yanga Homestead to explore Yanga National Park’s pastoral and Aboriginal heritage. Photo: D.Finnegan

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