Did you know?

Did you know?

We provide daily reports on water quality at beaches around Sydney, with warnings when pollution is likely. Next time you’re going for a swim, check the Beachwatch report before you set out.

For business

Commercial filming and photography in national parks

Murrumbidgee Valley NP - Boris Hlavica/OEH

Applying for a permit

If you are interested in using a national park or reserve for commercial filming or photography, you need to complete a filming or photography application.

Sustainable business

Clean production. Impress Photography/DECCW

Good environmental performance is good business

Good environmental management reduces risk, lowers costs, improves productivity and enhances reputation. Whether large or small developing a sustainable business is easy and profitable.

Cultural tourism

Become an Aboriginal cultural tourism operator

Are you interested in becoming an Aboriginal cultural tourism operator? The Cultural Tourism Development Program is a strategic state-wide program that engages with Aboriginal communities and individuals who have been identified as having the potential to develop and deliver a new or enhanced cultural tourism experience within their local national parks.

Page last updated: 17 February 2015


Nabers (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) rates the environmental performance of existing buildings on 1-6 star scale.

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Business operation in national parks

NSW national parks provide opportunities for commercial operations which are compatible with the protection of our natural and cultural heritage.

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Energy saver

Energy Saver will provide services to small businesses, as well as medium to large business sites in NSW. Energy Saver will be a single point of business support to help reduce energy consumption and costs.

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