About us

The Environment, Energy and Science (EES) Group is part of the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

The EES Group vision is a thriving, sustainable and resilient NSW.

We are catalysts for delivering improved environmental, economic and social outcomes and will do this by focusing on six key goals:

  1. Delivering a coordinated approach to energy, climate change and sustainability
  2. Supporting resilient ecosystems and biodiversity for improved conservation outcomes
  3. Delivering best practice regulation, incident management, and mine safety for protecting environmental and human health
  4. Partnering with our customers, communities and stakeholders
  5. Providing rigorous, transparent and evidence-based advice
  6. Ensuring our workplace is happy, safe and productive.

The acting Coordinator-General is Tracy Mackey.

For more information about the Department, visit Planning, Industry and Environment.

What do we do?

The EES Group brings together a range of functions including national park management, biodiversity and conservation, climate change, sustainability, resilience and adaptation, renewable energy and energy security, waste management and resource recovery, and environment protection and mine safety regulation. The work of the Group is supported by centres of excellence in: science; policy and strategy; and data analytics and insights.

Our structure

The EES Group includes the majority of the former Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), the Energy team from the former Energy, Water and Portfolio Strategy Division in Department of Planning and Environment, and the Resources Regulator. The Heritage functions of OEH have moved to the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

We also provide oversight of the Biodiversity Conservation Trust, Taronga Conservation Society and the Lord Howe Island Board.

Directorates and agencies

The Group achieves results through its directorates and agencies:

  • Energy, Climate Change & Sustainability – Deputy Secretary, James Hay
  • National Parks & Wildlife Service – Deputy Secretary, Atticus Fleming
  • Biodiversity & Conservation – acting Executive Director, Sharon Molloy
  • NSW Environment Protection Authority  - acting Chief Executive Officer, Carmen Dwyer
  • NSW Resources Regulator – Executive Director, Anthony Keon
  • Policy, Strategy & Science – Deputy Secretary, Melanie Hawyes
  • Office of the Coordinator-General – Executive Director, Brendan Bruce

For more information about our structure, see the EES Group Senior Executive Structure chart (PDF 107KB).

Page last updated: 14 January 2020