Teaching the sustainability cross-curriculum priority

Sustainability is now a cross-curriculum priority in the NSW syllabus, as part of the introduction of the Australian curriculum. This presents a change and opportunity for schools wanting to teach sustainability concepts and environmental education. On the Board of Studies website, sustainability-related learning outcomes in the syllabus are marked with a small leaf icon.

Schools in NSW are starting from a high base of understanding in relation to sustainability education. For over a decade, schools have integrated sustainability into their teaching and learning programs, with the Environmental Education Policy for Schools (in government schools) and the Sustainable Schools NSW website providing teachers with resources and ideas for implementing sustainable management of resources and school grounds.

Working out how to integrate sustainability into your programs and curriculum may feel daunting at first, but the Sustainable Schools NSW website has resources to make it easier for you.  Visit the Teach section of this website for information across the focus areas of:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Climate change
  • Food gardens
  • Transport
  • Biodiversity and nature
Page last updated: 04 July 2014