NSW Integrated BioNet Vegetation Data program

NSW Integrated BioNet Vegetation Data (IBVD) provides a digital inventory and map of native vegetation communities across NSW.

IBVD modernises the way we work with vegetation community data by providing a suite of logically related foundational information products based around a single map and classification system for the State.

Vegetation classification data and maps are brought together to provide a single resource stored within NSW BioNet and SEED portal.

Rigorous and accessible native vegetation classification and mapping products are essential to support many users undertaking land use and land management activities and biodiversity assessment.

IBVD is an important element in our ongoing program to develop and maintain these high-quality native vegetation community products for NSW. 


Pre-release data will be available from 16 September 2021. For more information email the BioNet team.

What data is included in the IBVD?

Our products include:

BioNet Vegetation Classification

The BioNet Vegetation Classification and data descriptions for the plant community type (PCT) typology, NSW Vegetation Class and Formation level classification.  

State Vegetation Type Map (SVTM)

The NSW State Vegetation Type Map (SVTM) maps individual PCTs, Classes and Formations. This product includes maps of estimated PCT Pre-1750 extent and current PCT extent. Together these provide a PCT conservation measure based on the percentage of each PCT cleared.

BioNet Flora Survey Plots

Standard floristic survey plots used in the development of the Plant Community Type (PCT) classification provide reference plots for the new PCTs.

BioNet Threatened Biodiversity Profiles

NSW and nationally listed threatened species and threatened ecological communities (TEC) are described in individual Threatened Biodiversity Profiles that are expertly associated to PCTs. This provides an indication of potential threatened species habitat or the potential presence of TEC.

Vegetation Condition Benchmarks

Vegetation Condition Benchmarks provide a framework for measuring the integrity of vegetation used in the NSW Biodiversity Assessment Method.

Plot to PCT Assignment Tool

The Plot to PCT Assignment Tool allows users to upload standard floristic survey plots to obtain a robust comparison to the new quantitative PCT classification.

BioNet data collections contributing to the Integrated BioNet Vegetation Data program

Diagram of the components of the Integrated BioNet Vegetation Data program 


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