BioNet Threatened Biodiversity Profiles

The BioNet Threatened Biodiversity Profiles data collection contains information about NSW and nationally listed threatened entities and key threatening processes in NSW.

The data collection is maintained in the Threatened Biodiversity module of BioNet Atlas and is accessible via the BioNet Threatened Biodiversity Profiles web application.

What does BioNet Threatened Biodiversity Profiles include?

The BioNet Threatened Biodiversity Profiles data collection includes the following information:

  • Descriptive text and photos:
  • Habitat and ecology
  • Threats
  • Management actions
  • Photos.
  • Ecological data relevant to the Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM) Calculator and management programs: 
  • Assessment data
  • Risk weighting; Serious and Irreversible Impact (SAII) data
  • Response to management data
  • Plant Community Type (PCT) associations
  • Rural Fire Service (RFS) fire detail data.
  • Distribution maps including IBRA Sub-region known and predicted distributions for all threatened entities, and sightings records for threatened species, populations and key threatening processes.

Threatened entity data are used widely in biodiversity conservation and assessment schemes, including the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme (BOS), Saving Our Species (SOS) and NPWS management.

Data governance

Executive custodianship for NSW’s foundation biodiversity datasets, including the NSW BioNet Threatened Biodiversity Profiles data collection, as well as the design, construction and implementation of integrated NSW biodiversity data repositories (BioNet, SEED), is held by the Executive Director Science, Economics and Insights, Department of Planning and Environment.

Access BioNet Threatened Biodiversity data

There are three ways to access BioNet Threatened Biodiversity Profiles data.

Login access


  • Registered user - to access additional system functionality, upload spreadsheets of species sightings and systematic survey data and use the data analysis function.


  • Sensitive Species Data Licence holder - to access more detailed sensitive threatened species location information than is available to basic and registered users. Licence conditions apply.

Apply for a licence

Note that BioNet Atlas data are made available in line with the requirements of the Department's Sensitive Species Data Policy

Most data in the BioNet Threatened Biodiversity Profiles data collection can be accessed using BioNet Web Services. Refer to the BioNet Threatened Biodiversity data standard for details of available fields.

Pre-configured Excel spreadsheets containing refreshable Power queries are available for download from the BioNet Resources webpage. Refer to the Power queries headings under BioNet Threatened Biodiversity Profiles.