BioBanking Public Registers

The BioBanking public register is established in accordance with the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995.

The BioBanking public register covers:

  • Biobanking agreements register - the location of each biobank site, the number and type of credits generated, and a copy of the biobanking agreement.
  • Biobanking statements register - the location of where the biobanking statement applies, the number and type of credits required, a copy of the biobanking statement and the credits retired to satisfy the conditions of the statement requirements.
  • Biodiversity credits register - provides ownership information in relation to each credit, including its status. The credit register can be used to find buyers & sellers.
  • Biodiversity credit transactions & sales register - information on credit transactions (including transfers, suspensions, cancellations and retirements) with the price and date of transactions.

Additional registers that support participation in the BioBanking Scheme are listed below: