Glossary: BioBanking public register

Agreement ID
The unique number assigned to a biobanking agreement. If you own a biobank site this number appears on the front cover of your agreement. If you do not know the biobank agreement number try searching by geographic area.
BioBank site expressions of interest
An expression of interest (EOI) is the first step in the process of establishing a BioBank site and creating biodiversity credits. By lodging an EOI landowners can advertise potential credits and their interest in establishing a BioBank site to credit buyers. Lodging an EOI is free of charge and does not carry any obligations. EOI details are made available through the Expression of Interest Register.
BioBanking Statement
A biobanking statement specifies the number and class of biodiversity credits to be retired for a particular development and may include other conditions to minimise the impact of the development on biodiversity values. A biobanking statement can only be issued in circumstances that improve or maintain biodiversity values (as defined under the BioBanking Assessment Methodology). Land which is available to be subject to a biobanking statement are developments sites within the meaning of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, including projects under Part 3A, development under Part 4 and activities under Part 5 of that Act. For more information on BioBanking Statements view the following page:
Biodiversity credit transactions and sales
For more information on Biodiversity credits, transactions and sales see the following information:
Biodiversity credits
Biodiversity credits are created for management actions that have been carried out or are proposed to be carried out to improve biodiversity values in accordance with a biobanking agreement. There are two types of biodiversity credits: Ecosystem credits and Species credits. The number and type of credits (ecosystem or species) that may be created from a biobank site will be specified in the biobanking agreement and is calculated using the BioBanking Assessment Methodology. For more information on Biodiversity credits, transactions and sales see the following information:
Credit ID
A unique ID allocated to each credit issued with a biobanking agreement.
Credit Owner
Either a company, an individual or individuals can own credits. If a company owns credits the name of the company will be displayed. If an individual owns credits only a unique number (the credit owner ID) will be displayed for privacy reasons. Where there are multiple owners of a credit, all IDs or names for all owners will be displayed. To purchase credits, all credit owners must agree to the credit sale. Personal information will not be disclosed unless the Office of Environment and Heritage is satisfied that the disclosure complies with section 57 of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.
Credit owner ID
A unique number allocated to the owner of a credit. You will be issued with your credit owner ID either when you have first entered into your biobanking agreement or when you have purchased credits. If you have sold credits you will still retain this ID but will have no credits allocated against it. If you can’t remember your credit owner id try searching for the credit type. If not successful contact the biobanking team at For more information on credits and credit transactions and sales go to:
Credits wanted register
For more information on the credits wanted register and other information for landowners go to:
The unique number assigned to each expression of interest for a biobanking site. If you have submitted an expression of interest for a biobanking site this would have been provided to you when you were advised of the processing of your expression of interest. If you have forgotten your EOI ID number and cannot locate your EOI via one of the other searches, please contact the biobanking team at:
Landowner ID/company name
Landowner ID is the unique number assigned to individuals who have entered into a biobanking agreement. This number displays on the register instead of an individual’s name in order to comply with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. Where a company has entered into a biobanking agreement the company name is displayed on the register.
Statement ID
The unique number assigned to each BioBanking Statement. Each statement is issued with an individual number. If you have been issued with a BioBanking Statement this number will appear on the front cover of the Statement. If you do not know the BioBanking Statement number try searching by geographic area.