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About us

Parks Eco Pass

Commercial recreation and tour operators play a key role in facilitating public use and enjoyment of New South Wales’ over 850 national parks and reserves, by promoting their unique values and encouraging tourism and recreation.

NPWS licenses commercial recreation and tour operators who offer guided tours, instructional or educational courses and other leisure activities in NSW parks and reserves.

The Parks Eco Pass, introduced in 2009, is a comprehensive, centralised licensing system for commercial recreation and tour operators that includes a number of significant benefits for licensed operators.

Useful Information

Information for prospective operators
Find out how to become a Parks Eco Pass licensed operator and be part of one of the fastest growing areas of Australian tourism.

Commercial recreation and tourism in wilderness areas
You will find more information in our policy for commercial recreation and tourism in wilderness areas.

Certificate of currency checklist

Fires, floods and park closures

Recent visitor research

Cultural Tourism Development Program (PDF 5MB)

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