Commercial recreation and tour operators - Parks Eco Pass

Parks Eco Pass is the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service system for licensing operators of commercial tours, recreational and educational activities in parks.

The Parks Eco Pass system streamlines licensing and creates consistency in this process in national parks across New South Wales. It offers:

  • one licence (obtained through one application) that allows your business to operate all your licensed activities, in more than one park
  • a single fee structure for the whole state
  • the ability to transfer your licence if you sell the business (for 3 and 10 year licensed operators)
  • licence terms of up to 10 years
  • a dedicated team and key contact point
  • a streamlined application process.

Licensing maintains the quality of activities provided in parks and prevents harm to natural areas. If you become aware of an unlicensed activity being run in a park, please report it to the Business Development Team.