Renew your licence application

Section 1: Licence details

Section 2: If your details have changed

Please complete the relevant sections below where your details have changed.

Section 3: Licence term

Section 4: Add park or activity

Section 5: Park and activities

For example, Royal National Park

Section 6: Remove a park or activity

Section 7: Business plan

Please ensure that your plan is not larger than 10MB.
Section 8: Vehicle and guide ID tags
Vehicle tags

We will link vehicles used in your activities to the Digital NSW Parks Pass as a Parks Eco Pass vehicle. Please provide vehicle licence plate numbers (up to 5).

Guide identification tags

Please contact us if you need more guide tags. We may charge for these.
Section 9: Public liability insurance certificate of currency

Please ensure that your public liability insurance certificate is not larger than 10MB.

Section 10: Accreditation certificate or letter or support

Please ensure that your accreditation certificate is not larger than 10MB.
Section  11: Licence fee

National Parks and Wildlife Service will send you an invoice for your licence renewal fee within 7 business days.

Licence fees can be found at section 2 of the Parks Eco Pass: Operator handbook.

Section 12: Attestation
Section 13: Submit your renewal application
Please click the Submit button to lodge this form.