Aboriginal tourism development

We support the establishment and ongoing operation of sustainable Aboriginal-owned and operated tourism experiences in our national parks.

Mungo National Park, Willandra Lakes World Heritage Region We do this through a collaborative business development approach with Aboriginal communities and individuals.

Our support will:

  • increase the awareness, understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal culture in New South Wales
  • increase opportunities for economic development and employment for Aboriginal people and communities operating on park
  • increase the number of licensed, Aboriginal-owned tourism businesses
  • increase visitor participation in Aboriginal tourism experiences in NSW national parks.

Parks Eco Pass program for tour operators

Parks Eco Pass is the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service program for licensing operators who conduct tours and recreational and educational activities in parks.

We recognise the importance of increasing the number of Aboriginal-owned businesses within the parks. We have waived the annual licence fee for the first 2 years of the licence term for Aboriginal operators.

We encourage you to contact the Business Development Team if you require assistance completing your application.

For more information about the Parks Eco Pass program for commercial tour operators, please refer to the Parks Eco Pass program webpage or the NSW Parks Eco Pass: Operator Handbook.

An authentic Aboriginal tourism experience can only be developed and delivered by or in association with Aboriginal people. We are committed to ensuring that on-park Aboriginal tourism experiences are developed and delivered in a culturally sensitive way; that is, experiences respect the authenticity and integrity of local Aboriginal people and their culture, adhere to cultural protocols, and recognise that Aboriginal culture is the cultural intellectual property of Aboriginal people.

For more information about Aboriginal cultural heritage and interpretation requirements for Parks Eco Pass licensed operators, please refer to the NSW Parks Eco Pass: Operator Handbook.