The Native Vegetation of North-west Wollemi National Park and surrounds: including Nullo Mountain, Coricudgy and Cudgegong areas


North-west Wollemi National Park encompasses some of the most dramatic and breath-taking landscapes of the Sydney basin. Home of the remarkable Wollemi pine, the landscape is largely free of human disturbance and supports a remarkably diverse flora that blends a range of regional influences from dry north-west New South Wales, to the northern tablelands, north coast, central tablelands and Sydney sandstone regions.

This document describes a systematic vegetation survey and detailed mapping project undertaken across north-west Wollemi National Park and surrounding areas. This project is not a stand alone study and has built on preliminary vegetation survey and classification work completed by Bell (1998). However in this project the vegetation communities described and mapped have been derived and understood in terms of their local, regional and statewide distribution patterns and conservation status.

A total of 62 vegetation communities have now been identified in the study area. They are split into six rainforests, 11 wet sclerophyll forests, six grassy woodlands, 30 dry sclerophyll
forests, two heaths, four freshwater wetlands and three forested wetlands. In total 1237 native vascular plant species were recorded. Included are 65 eucalypt species which is almost two thirds of the current inventory of eucalypt trees known to occur in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. In contrast, exotic species numbered only 104. Not surprisingly those vegetation communities with the greatest number of weeds were associated with richer soils preferentially targeted by agricultural land use.


GIS files for download

Vegetation maps can be downloaded from the OEH VIS (Vegetation Information System) Map Catalogue as GIS files

Volume 1 Technical Report and Volume 2 Vegetation Community Profiles

Native Vegetation of North-west Wollemi National Park and Surrounds Volume 1
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Native Vegetation of North-west Wollemi National Park and Surrounds Volume 2
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