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Learn how fire shapes the NSW environment, what OEH does to manage bushfire and what you can do to stay safe, protect your property and conserve biodiversity.

With vast areas of forests and grasslands, south-eastern Australia is one of the world's most bushfire-prone areas. Australian plant and animal species evolved to survive in this environment and many even rely on fire for their ongoing survival.
The rapid increase in the population of NSW over the last two centuries has changed the landscape of fire. Deliberately or accidentally, people start many more fires than would occur in a natural environment.

OEH manages more than seven million hectares of parks and reserves across NSW. Much of this land is rugged, remote and bushfire-prone. Understanding the ecological effects of fire is a major priority for OEH. As part of its charter, OEH is responsible for managing fire on all lands it controls.

With an increasing number of families, farms, homes and communities surrounded by fire-prone bush, we need to ensure that protecting life and property is our absolute priority.

Find out more about the following fire topics:

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Page last updated: 02 November 2015