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The Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) produces a range of draft plans, policies and reports inviting public comment. You can view documents that are currently open for comment on this website.

At the end of the public consultation period, draft documents generally remain on the web until they have been finalised. You can view these documents in our public consultation archives:

This page shows draft versions of policies and guidelines that were available for public comment, but have now either been finalised or are in the process of being finalised. The list is sorted by title.

The public exhibition period has closed for each of these documents - please do not send us any submissions on them. The documents are provided for research purposes only.


Consultation archive - policies, guidelines and legislative amendments
TitleType of document Closing date for public comment Notes
Accreditation scheme for individuals involved threatened species and biodiversity survey and assessment Policy/guideline 30/06/2006  
Approved methods for the sampling and analysis of water pollutants in NSW Policy/guideline 30/01/2004  
Barrenjoey Head - draft concept plans for adaptive re-use of cottages Draft concept plans 30/04/2016  
Berowra Valley National Park and Berowra Valley Regional Park draft plan of management Management plan 06/07/2015  
BioBanking Assessment Methodology (Draft) Environmental Guidelines and Codes of Practice 09/07/2012

Revised methodology used to assess biodiversity values as part of the NSW Biodiversity Banking and Offsets Scheme (BioBanking)

Biodiversity certification and banking in coastal and growth areas Policy/guideline 30/09/2005 This paper explains how the new concepts of 'biodiversity certification' and 'biodiversity banking' will operate in areas where high population growth and economic development are transforming the landscape and causing irreversible biodiversity loss.
Biodiversity Legislation Review Legislation 05/09/2014 Review of the Native Vegetation Act 2003, Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995, Nature Conservation Trust Act 2001 and related legislation.
Bundjalung National Park rehabilitation project Consultation 30/01/2015 Public exhibition of remediation plan to remove an unwanted waste legacy from Bundjalung National Park.
Cape Byron Preliminary Visitor Master Plan - Draft Master plan 27/03/2017  
Catchment Management Authorities (Hunter Central Rivers) Regulation 2010 Policy/guideline 09/06/2010  
Clean Cars for NSW Policy/guideline 30/06/2003  
Coastal reforms overview Consultation 29/02/2016  
Consultation Paper: Extended Producer Responsibility Priority Statement Policy/guideline 30/04/2003  
Developing a NSW Koala Strategy Consultation 03/03/2017  
Development of industry guidance notes for local council officers to manage air quality Policy/guideline 05/12/2003  
Development of an air emissions inventory for the greater metropolitan region Policy/guideline 13/02/2004  
Draft Beekeeping policy Consultation 11/05/2016  
Draft Biodiversity Certification Assessment Methodology Policy/guideline 30/07/2010  
Draft Code of Practice for Archaeological Investigation in NSW Policy/guideline 28/07/2010  
Draft Environmental Guidelines: Composting and Related Organics Processing Facilities Policy/guideline 30/08/2002  
Draft general information for commercial fishing and aquaculture vehicle access permits Policy/guideline   This permit application package is applicable to commercial fishing or aquaculture permit holders licensed under the Fisheries Management Act 1994
Draft Lachlan River (Jemalong Gap to Condobolin) floodplain management plan Statutory document 13/05/2011  The draft plan defines requirements for managing floodwaters within the floodplain. Once adopted under Part 8 of the Water Act, the plan will be used by the NSW Office of Water to regulate flood control works on the floodplain.
Draft Lower Coxs Creek: floodplain management plan Management plan 20/07/2012 The draft plan defines requirements for managing floodwaters within the floodplain.
Draft Mid North Coast Regional Conservation Plan Policy/guideline 08/04/2011  
Draft Murrumbidgee (Hay to Maude) floodplain management plan  Statutory document 23/09/2011  The draft plan defines requirements for managing floodwaters within the floodplain. Once adopted under Part 8 of the Water Act, the plan will be used by the NSW Office of Water to regulate flood control works on the floodplain.
Draft New South Wales Biodiversity Strategy 2010-2015 Policy/guideline 11/02/2011  
Draft NPWS Fossicking in parks policy Policy 18/05/2016  
Draft Pesticide Use Notification Plan Policy/guideline 14/05/2015  
Draft private native forestry code of practice policy/guideline 24//08/2012  
Draft standards and best practice guidelines for vapour recovery at petrol service stations Policy/guideline 15/06/2012 OEH is proposing changes to the vapour recovery guidelines. These changes are contained in Draft standards and best practice guidelines for vapour recovery at petrol service stations.

Draft Sustainable Management Plan For the Commercial Harvest, Salvage and Propagation of Protected Whole Plants 2012

Draft plan of management



Draft Sydney Region Pest Management Strategy 2008-2011 Policy/guideline 29/02/2012 Comments are currently being sought on the draft Pest Management Strategy for the Sydney Region of the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS). The strategy identifies the negative impacts of pest animals and weeds to biodiversity, cultural heritage, amenity and other park values and provides NPWS with a strategic approach to pest management.
Draft Warrah Creek floodplain management plan Statutory document 15/04/2011 The draft plan defines requirements for managing floodwaters within the floodplain. Once adopted under Part 8 of the Water Act, the plan will be used by the NSW Office of Water to regulate flood control works on the floodplain.
Dubay Jarjum Nurahm Aboriginal Area - draft plan of management Policy/guideline   Draft plan of management for Dubay Jarjum Nurahm Aboriginal Area (also known as Dubay Nurahm Aboriginal Area)
Deua Catchment Parks Draft Plan of Management Plan of Management 13/0/17  
Ecological Thinning Trial in NSW and Victorian River Red Gum Forests Public environment report 27/03/2014 This Public Environment Report provides comprehensive information on the design of a proposed ecological thinning trial for the NSW Murray Valley National Park (Millewa precinct) and Barmah National Park in Victoria.
Fire station in Scheyville National Park Land lease 23/01/2015  
Gap Bluff - Review of Environmental Factors EOI, REF 10/11/2015  
High Temperature Solar Thermal Technology Roadmap Policy/guideline 20/11/2007 The NSW and Victorian governments are jointly developing a national high temperature solar thermal technology roadmap. Feedback is sought from stakeholders on a range of questions outlined in a discussion paper.
Horton Falls National Park Community Conservation Area Zone 1 Draft Plan of Management Plan of Management 03/07/2017  
Jerilderie Nature Reserve: fire management strategy Fire management strategy 15/06/2015  
Kemendok National Park Draft Plan of Management Plan of Management 02/10/2017  
Kosciuszko National Park - Proposed amendments to plan of management Policy/guideline 04/04/2014  
Kosciuszko National Park - proposed naming of roads in resort areas Policy/guideline 11/05/2007  DEC proposes to name the roads in the ski resort villages of Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes and Guthega.
Kosciuszko National Park - Licence Development application 17/06/2015  
Kosciuszko National Parks - Lease of Land Development application 17/06/2015  
Kosciuszko National Park alpine resorts carrying capacity review  Consultation 14/03/2015  
Kosciuszko National Park Draft Wild Horse Management Plan  Consultation 19/08/2016  
Malabar Headland National Park eastern walking track Concept plans 29/07/2016  
Men's shed licence in Georges River National Park Licence 06/03/2015  
Monga State Conservation Area Draft Plan of Management Plan of Management 16/10/2017  
Native Vegetation self-assessable codes of practice Codes of practice 26/08/2014 Self-assessable codes relating to thinning native vegetation, clearing isolated paddock trees in a cultivated area and clearing invasive native species.
Native Vegetation Regulation Review Regulation 24/08/2012  
Newcastle Air Quality Monitoring Network regulation Regulation 14/09/2014 Draft Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Amendment (Newcastle Local Air Quality Monitoring) Regulation 2014.
Notification of pesticide use Policy/guideline 17/05/2004  
Oceanographic Antennae Research System licence proposal Consultation 11/08/2017  
Ongoing funding for the Upper Hunter Air Quality Monitoring Network: Public consultation on proposed regulation Regulation 21/10/2012  
Pesticides Amendment (Records) Regulation 2000 Regulation 30/03/2001  
Pilliga Outwash Parks Statement of Management Intent SMI 07/08/2017  
Pollution Control Regulation 1998 Regulation    
Preferred resource recovery practices by local councils Policy/guideline 29/07/2005  
Proposal: Auctioning Hunter River Salinity Trading Scheme Credits Policy/guideline 19/12/2003  
Proposal for amendments to the NSW Site Auditor Scheme Policy/guideline 09/08/2002  
Proposed Pesticides Amendment (User Training) Regulation Regulation 01/03/2002  
Proposed Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air - Domestic Solid Fuel Heaters) Regulation 2002 Policy/guideline 07/08/2002  
Proposed Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air - Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Fuels) Regulation 2002 Policy/guideline 02/08/2002  
Proposed amendments to the BioBanking Assessment Methodology Policy/guideline 19/11/2010  
Proposed Use and Upgrade of Access Trail in Royal National Park for Bundeena Eco-tourism Lodge Review of environmental factors 15/06/17  
Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Regulation 1998 Regulation 12/06/1998  
Protection of the Environment Operations (Hunter River Salinity Trading Scheme) Regulation 2001 Regulation 04/05/2001  
Protection of the Environment Operations (Control of Burning) Regulation 2000 Regulation 07/07/2000  
Protection of the Environment Operations (Noise Control) Regulation 2000 Regulation 03/07/2000  
Regulatory Impact Statement: Proposed National Parks and Wildlife Regulation 2009 Policy/guideline 27/03/2009  
Review of Environmental Factors for the Construction of a Mountain Bike Track, Bantry Bay, Garigal National Park Review of environmental factors 26/07/2013  
Review of policy for management techniques, under clause 28 of Native Vegetation Regulation 2005 Policy/guideline    
Review of the Environmentally Hazardous Chemicals Act Policy/guideline 22/09/2003  
Review of the Lord Howe Island Act 1953 Legislative amendment 10/03/2010 The Department of Environment and Climate Change has commenced the statutory review of the Lord Howe Island Act 1953 (LHI Act). The review is being undertaken on behalf of the Minister for Climate Change and the Environment to check that its objectives are still valid, and to ensure they are drafted to effectively deliver on those objectives.
Review of the Memorandum of Understanding between Sydney Water Corporation and the Office of Environment and Heritage
Memorandum of Understanding 30/09/2011  
Rouse Hill Regional Park Draft Occupation Licence
Occupation Licence 05/09/2016  
Royal National Park: request for trail access at Bundeena
REF 04/08/2017  
Securing the koala in the wild in NSW Consultation 03/03/2017  
Snake Rock Aboriginal Area: plan of management Plan of management 25/09/2015  
Strategic assessment of Sydney's growth centres Policy/guideline   The Department of Planning is undertaking a Strategic Assessment of the North West and South West Growth Centres under the Commonwealth nvironment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).
Thirlmere Lakes inquiry draft report Report/recommendation 30/06/2012 Draft report into water levels in Thirlmere Lakes
Thirlmere Lakes National Park Draft Plan of Management Plan of management 01/03/2015 The exhibition of the draft plan provided an important opportunity for the community to have a say on future management directions for the Thirlmere Lakes National Park.
Threatened Biodiversity Survey and Assessment: Guidelines for Developments and Activities - working draft (PDF - 487KB) Policy/guideline   As the diversity of species and their habitats may be adversely affected by development, it is important that informed decisions regarding the impact of development can be made.
Threatened biodiversity survey draft guidelines Policy/guideline 30/04/2005 Download these draft guidelines, which explain the process involved in undertaking a threatened species assessment, set out the responsibilities of the people involved, and provide some general survey standards for flora and fauna surveys. The guidelines were on public exhibition to 30 April 2005.
Threatened species Priorities Action Statement (PAS) amendments Policy/guideline 14/02/2014  
Ti Tree Lake Aboriginal Area Draft Plan of Management Plan of Management 25/03/2016  
Towards an Aboriginal land management framework Policy/guideline   The NSW Government is currently working with Aboriginal communities to reach a common understanding about how to strengthen their connections to Country. Find out how to have your say.
Unhealthy Building Land Act 1990 - proposed repeal Policy/guideline 28/09/2001  
Waste Point Kosciuszko National Park preliminary master plan Preliminary master plan 29/08/2017  
Weddin Mountains National Park Plan of Management - Draft Amendment for Horse Riding Draft Amendment 03/04/2017  
Wood preservation industry - Part A, Part B Policy/guideline 31/07/2003  
Yurammie State Conservation Area draft plan of management Plan of management 10/05/2015  
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